Welcome to my home page. Nothing exciting here just a collection of pics, links, files and things I find of use.


Update News

16th October, 2005 - Tided up the site and external links  in preparation for a revamp.

6th march,2005 - Update of Chamonix 2005 pics - New pics thanks to Big Al

4th March, 2005 - Dieting blog entry

28th February, 2005 - slight changes to home page - should be easier to read update news!

26th February, 2005 - Changed some of the Chamonix 2005 titles and comments

26th January, 2005 - updated dieting blog

25th January, 2005 - Re-did the Chamonix 2005 home page - Thanks to Judith for the clear group pic to use for hot spots.

22nd January, 2005 - Inverted dieting blog so that current entries are at the top of the page.

21st January, 2005 - Added Pics from our Technical Tour, 2005. See the link to the left.