Dieting Blog

Look at me - To think I was once a keen Rugby player and track runner. I’ve posted this pic to cause myself maximum embarrassment. I need to loose weight - I have health problems, I can’t play with the kids, I can barely look at myself in a mirror...

This is a blog which will follow my attempts to loose weight - something I desperately need to do. When I joined Denton’s seven years ago I weighed just 12 and a half stone. Now I’ve almost hit eighteen.






17 - 00

Opps! been a while since I was here. Lots of late nights and crap meals (Not when Jules cooks of course...) Going to make a fresh start from today.


16 - 11

Another pound - still on track (just!)


16 - 12

Hey ho! Skiing did me proud considering what I was eating!


17 - 00

Just a pound, but it’s a start


17 -01

Back again! Taking part in a sponsored slim at work - costs me a fiver if I don’t hit a target each week. Well, here goes!


16 - 9

Back to where I was before we went skiing. Having a light breakfast, generally soup for lunch and then a regular meal with Jules and the kids when I get home. Must do more exercise!


16 - 11

Had Jules’s birthday celebration over the weekend, hence the lack of weight loss. Still, back on track today. Eating loads of fruit.


16 - 11

Only added a couple of pounds whilst skiing - I honestly thought I would loose rather than gain - must have been that last diet coke that sent me over :-)


16 - 9

Not too bad - nine pound in 14 days! Off skiing now!


17 - 4

Set myself a new target - 14 pounds in 14 days! We go skiing on the 14th . No pain, no gain...


17 - 8

Oops! Kind of gave up a little - oh well, time to start again. Off skiing with the lads in Jan and try to raise my level of fitness as best I can in 8 weeks...


17 - 7

Same weight. Not been trying hard enough, and I need to do some exercise. Having a hard time at work and this makes me less inclined to do other things...

Must try harder!


17 - 7

Well, must be doing something right. Did some physical work around the house yesterday - guess that counts as exercise... ?

What I really need right now is a big bag of Wine Gums!


17 - 10

Oops! Friday night went with a bag! Too much food, too much booze....

Spent Saturday in bed with hangover. Went swimming this morning, feel much better. Back on the diet today.


17 - 8

Well, did it for a whole day yesterday! Loads of fruit, yogurt and a chicken salad for dinner.

Got a problem tonight though... I’m meeting up with two old friends and we’re going for dinner. It’s going to be a long boozy one, atleast four courses and loads of wine. Hmmm... we’ll see!


17 - 9

Welcome to my Blog! Gonna make a real attempt to stick to a low calorie diet from today. Things are crap at work at the mo and this tends to lead me to eating more. Just got to try harder I guess...