Chamonix 2005

Each year Denton Wilde Sapte’s I.T. Technical Support team have a short skiing trip. This year fifteen of us descended on Chamonix, France, for six days of skiing and partying.

As per usual, much fun was had by all. Many thanks to Rob and Andy for organising the trip. Thanks to everyone who let me use their snaps and films on these pages, especially Judith, Peter and Rob.

To view peoples photos. click on the faces on the group picture.

Below are links to pictures with themes - the sex, the drugs, the food and even the skiing!

Peter "Beer Monster"Andy FordJudith Andy "Cockle"Big RobJane "Tambourine Girl"Anna & Cheese (Kris)Barry "bang my head"Jason "I'm straight"

Technical on Tour - The Sex, The Drugs, the Rock n Roll

Whenever Technical go on tour, you can guarantee three things, sex, drugs and rock n roll. For all the naughty photos of the goings on, including kissing, flashing, drug abuse and questionable sexual practices, click the button below

Technical on Tour - The Beginners

Rob, Peter, Judith and myself were all beginners. Rob, Pete and myself had skied before, but still classed ourselves as beginners. Judith was a complete ski virgin. Click on the link below for some of the Technical on tour ski school photos.

Technical on Tour - Look at that!

Some of the photos that didn’t fit anywhere else but i thought you should see. Click the link below..