Gays on Trays

Sorry Lads - still waiting for a group photo to go here.

Barry, Jason and Neil. All cosy in a room on the top floor of the hotel. With girl friends and wives left at home in London, who knows what strangness occured in that room at night....

Ohh - and they’re all boarders too...

(Ever notice that boarders spend most of their time on their bums? I feel a theme coming on here...)

Jason (far left): “I still say we did at least 15 minutes boarding and only 45 minutes sitting on our bums per hour...”

Neil: (Far Right): “hmm - no I think it was closer to 10 minutes boarding...”

Mike (middle left): Thinks “Any hetro skiers I could sit with?”

Anna, of course, is still barking orders at Cheese.

“So Jane,” Says Barry (right) “we you impressed with mine and Neil’s boarding skills”

Jane: “Not really - did you guys ever actually manage to stand up at any point of the tour?”

“Ohh - and what exactly were those noises coming from your room?”

It took a lot of searching - but we did it. Pics of the guys standing up - Neil, Jason and Barry - note however that I don’t think they were moving in any of these pics...