Judith at Les Houches

Judith - Double virgin, as this was her first time on tour with Technical and her first attempt at skiing.

Judith - With washed hair?

“Hey Neil, guess what I’m not wearing.....”

Judith was concerned that should she stop taking for a second or two, her mouth might seize up....

Neil and Judith - not on the cards
The beer monster is blushing!!

“Guess what I’m not wearing Pete....”

“Jane! Guess what I’m not.....

“If that touches me I’ll cut it off with a blunt spoon”

nither Jane or Judith will tell what they were saying
if only a few seconds later...

And the winner is.........


At this point first-time nerves got the better of Judith, and we never found out... 

“Don’t mess with me”

ooh Scary !!